If you have a disability or reduced mobility, you are entitled to Special Needs Assistance Nairobi JKIA Airport.

We are available around the clock every day of the year to assist you.
In order for this assistance to work best, you need to make some preparations prior to your journey.

Our team will offer extra care and assistance for all Passengers with special requirements at JKIA Airport on arrival,in transit or on departure. 

1) Minors Traveling alone

 Please ensure you contact your airline to advice what age they consider a minor.

We can assist the minor at the airport for the service they require at the airport either arrival assistance, transit or departure help


2) Passengers with reduced Mobility or need special assistance

Some passengers may have a medical condition or disabilities who require individual attention, not given to passengers normally, during the flight, during ground handling and/or in case of an emergency evacuation.

This may include Deaf or hearing impaired passengers,Blind or visually impaired passengers,Passengers with restricted mobility.

Please contact your airline way in advance and inform them of this any of this conditions for easier management.

Traveling with your own wheelchair is also allowed though double check with airline first. 

3)Traveling with Infants and Toddlers

We advise for passengers to plan with airline to get special seats and baby cots when on board aircraft. 

Please contact us prior for assistance and arrangements

4)Expectant mothers

Travel by air is safe for mothers to be.However, women who are over 36 weeks pregnant are recommended not to fly.
Its generally discouraged flying during the first week following delivery, for mother and your baby.Contact your airline if a medical clearance certificate.

We fast track and expedite expectant mothers safely through all processes and formalities and even provide wheel chair assistance if need be.
This ensures a smooth and easy transition on arrival

Please contact us prior for assistance and arrangements

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