About Nairobi Airport Help

About Nairobi Airport Help

Nairobi Airport help is a medium sized business based out of Jomo Kenyatta international Airport commonly refereed to as Nairobi International Airport.

The company objective  to provide tailor-made affordable and reliable meet greet and assist services to Global and Domestic passengers by facilitating them on priority through all airport procedures on arrival ,on departure and on transit.

Our physical office is located opposite terminal 1E, at the parking garage building with a big blue sign  “P”.Core values of the company are reliability ,transparency and quality services to all our guests

Company has a history of over a span of seven years in operation at Nairobi Airport offering this services.We have a small efficient team that always goes out of their way to ensure the job gets done

What makes the company special is our professionalization and attention to details in offering services given the wide range of audience that use our services:First Time Travelers, Expectant Mothers,Elderly and Senior citizens, Minors travelling alone, Non English speaking persons,Visually and Audio impaired persons,Large Travel groups,Families, Individuals just to name a few.

Our goal is to ensure all passengers booking our services experience a memorable enjoyable and fun experience while traversing Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Airport