3 Important Baggage Services at Nairobi JKIA Airport

3 important Baggage Services
At JKIA Nairobi Airport

1. Meet Assist Booking Desk-Terminal 1A

All passengers arriving at terminal and needs meet assist on the spot now can get real time asisstance for any meet and asisst services they need on demand.
At terminal 1A, after immigration,please walk to the baggage area ,at the righthand side opposit belt B before the information desk, we have a branded desk with our company logo as pictured below.Please vizit us and book for any meet assist service for you or for a friend.

Walk to our desk and inquire on the below services
1.Portage services
2.Arrival meet assist
3.Departure meet assist
4.Transit meet assist’
5.Any other services needed

In case our staff are not physically at the desk has  please reach us through the below contacts:

Umbato Safaris Office +254 729 858 546 (Reachable via Text ,Calls)

Lucie (sales manager) +254 722 324 421 (Reachable via Text ,Calls or Whats app)
Mark  (sales manager) +254 737 470 276 (Reachable via Text ,Calls or Whats app)

2. Book a professional luggage porter 

Porter Luggage Services now available  at JKIA Nairobi Airport.

Enjoy the convenience of travelling light with many bags.Service ideal for any passengers who may have plenty of heavy irregular size bags and need assistance porting the bags on departure,arrival  or flight transfers between all  terminals 1A,1B,1C,1D 1E, and Terminal 2.

On Arrival,our porter will meet you after immigration assist with claiming all your bags, assist to screen bags at customs, then port bags with trolley safely out of arrival terminal to you car

On Departure, you can reserve service then our porters to meet you at the passenger drop off point at terminal 1A and Terminal 2,Safely load your bags in a trolley and escort passenger all the way till flight check in desk

On Transit, our porter will meet you at arrival terminal (Domestic or Local) baggage conveyor belt, arrange your bags in a trolley and assist to push bags to the next connecting terminal (Domestic or Local)
Porter fee ranges at a small fee at 5USD per bag,please write to us for a quote,indicating number of bags.

3. Long and Short Term Safe Luggage Storage

Storage service now available 24/7 and ideal for passengers in transit or arriving and want to leave some excess bags stored safely at the airport, to be collected on a later date on departure or have the bags transported to another location at an extra fee.

Our office representative will meet you outside arrival terminal with a sign printed your name,escort passenger to our office and issue storage tags against bags left.

Short term luggage storage service will have your bags stored safe at our airport storage facility at a fee of 10USD per bag for 24 hours or less for standard ans irregular size luggage’s.