Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel:

The circumstances around the world is changing significantly. Different governments have changed their travel notices to limit travel amid this time. Please consult with your country embassy before acquiring your travel insurance.


Tourism to Kenya resumed since 1st August, 2020. Most major  flights are working, and all travelers are subject to  mandatory entry requirements by Kenyan Government as a safe measure to control the pandemic. 

Requirements for travel to Kenya


  1. For contact tracing, all passengers must fill out an online “Travelers Health Surveillance Form.” Then save the QR code generated, present this for verification on arrival to the port health officials. Temperature health screenings mandatory for all on arrival. Please have your QR Codes and covid tests printed out prior travelling.
  2. All travellers, regardless of age or whether they are simply passing or transiting through Kenya, must have proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 96 hours of flying, which may be validated digitally through the Trusted Travel Initiative (TT) and PanaBios systems. Even if a passenger has been vaccinated, it appears that a test result is required at this time.
  3.  If travellers are unable to verify their test results online through the Trusted Travel Initiative website, the Kenyan Health Port Authority will use the paper version of the negative PCR test results stamped by the testing center for manual verification. And a printed copy of the official receipt used to pay for the PCR test fee.
  4. Effective 8th May 2021 the approved List of States and Territories Exempted from Quarantine in Kenya was isuued by the Government.Passengers from some countries must be quarantined for 14 days. Travelers from countries  or regions on this list can be quarantined if they show negative COVID-19.

    The test must be a PCR test. Travelers with negative rapid test results must still enter mandatory or voluntary quarantine for 14 days

  5. Since April 9, 2021, all passenger flights between Kenya and the United Kingdom, whether commercial or charter flights, were be suspended. The Kenyan government will suspend the review within 4 weeks. All passengers arriving in Kenya from the UK are required to provide a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate and a negative PCR test for COVID-19, and must self-quarantine within 7 days of arrival. All British citizens and residents who travel from the UK to Kenya through a valid route, if their valid COVID-19 PCR test is valid but do not have a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate, must undergo quarantine and mandatory inspection 14 days after arriving in the UK Kenya The facilities are at your own expense.
  6. Face masks are mandatory for everyone at all times in any public places, failure to this will land one in trouble with local authorities

    Currently until May 29th, there is a night curfew running from 10pm till 4am. All international and domestic flights are operational which implies tourists can move anywhere in the country within the stipulated hours

Requirements for travel from Kenya


  1. Passengers wishing to leave Kenya must first visit an authorized laboratory, obtain a negative COVID-19 PCR test, and obtain a TT code verified by the airline and immigration authorities. For more information on digital verification, see
  1. Important note: These travel alerts are general in nature and we will not respond to any comments about specific personal circumstances. For information related to you, please contact your local Kenyan embassy, consulate or airline for the latest information on how these changes will affect you personally. Before you purchase a travel policy , check your government travel warnings and health advice – there could also be no travel insurance protect locations with a government travel ban or health advice against travel.
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