Hire 4WD Safari Jeep from JKIA Airport

hire 4WD Safari jeep

The 4×4 Safari Land cruiser is one of Kenya’s greatest safari vehicles, providing more comfort and versatility while allowing travelers to visit Safari camps and lodges that may have difficult road conditions or, as is the case currently, only allow 4×4 vehicles into their wildlife game zones.

Toyota Land cruiser safari 4 x 4 Jeeps, which are born of the Savannah grasslands , bush, and river, is the ultimate performer on the rough tough African plains ideal for spotting Lions,Cheetahs,Leopards and heads of elephants and buffaloes  deep in the African terrain.

 This modified safari vehicles hey’re just as rugged, nimble, and quick. With its all-wheel drive and high suspension, no other safari vehicle can keep up with a 4 x 4, which skims over the terrain easily in any weather.

This vehicle comes fitted with UHF Radio Call, game viewing hatches and additional safari customization such as cooler boxes to carry drinks, vehicle is not available for rental on self drive and the rate includes the provision of a qualified, expert Driver-Guide.


Features of the Jeep:

  1. High ground clearance platform and 4 x 4 all-wheel drive will get you through the hardest terrain, up hills,down river streams, and over heavy brush.
  2. UHF long range radio call 
  3. USB charging points plus Cooler boxes
  4.  365 degrees safari roof hatches to view wildlife in the bush 
  5. High seating position provides better viewing sigh ideal for  viewing and photographing all wildlife in a game drive
  6. Jeeps travel where other vehicles fear to tread: further into the jungle, where they may easily go off-road in search of the elusive leopard, cheetah, or lion.
  7. On rocky terrain, the Jeep’s unique suspension provides a more pleasant smooth ride.
  8. The Jeep is designed to withstand the rigors of a safari expedition, with additional doors for quick access, two fuel tanks, and two spare tires.
  9. More leg room and generally more stable on rough and uneven roads
hire 4WD Safari jeep
hire 4WD Safari jeep
hire 4WD Safari jeep
hire 4WD Safari jeep