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Largest Airports in the World

Airports play a crucial role in air transport. It should have a terminal for passengers and security checks, a runway, parking area, and a helipad. The size of an airport shows how busy it is and the passengers passing through it daily. The size is usually based on its land coverage in hectares.

Longer runways mean the airport can accommodate much bigger aircrafts like the Airbus 380 or the Beluga. Unknown to you, the biggest airport in the world by land coverage is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here are some of the biggest airports in the world.

1. King Fahd International Airport, Saudi Arabia
Located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. This massive airport covers a land area of 78000 hectares. Commercial operations began in 1999 after completion of the construction works. One of the unique designs in this airport is that it has a mosque on top of the car park. The mosque can accommodate approximately 2000 worshippers at once. The airport has six terminals in total, out of the six airport terminals.

Three are for processing, each of the three handles arrivals, departure, and boarding of flights. There are many counters for this purpose: the immigration and customs department also has a presence in the terminals. King Fahd International Airport has designated a terminal for the royal family, visiting foreign officials and senior government officials in Saudi Arabia. This airport is bigger than the country of Bahrain which has a land mass of 76000 hectares.

2. Denver International Airport, USA
Delivering passengers to 187 destinations across the world, Denver International Airport has the largest airport area in the United States of America. The destinations are in Europe, Latin America, and domestic destinations. It covers just over 13000 hectares in land coverage. One of the unique factors is that it has one of the longest runways in the USA. The airport was voted the bet run airport in the USA by times magazine. It is the central hub for major airlines in the USA.

3. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, USA
This is one of the busiest airports in the world, flying passengers to over 200 destinations around the globe and in the USA. It covers an area of 7800 hectares, making it the third largest airports in the world. The airport has five terminals for passenger processing, arrivals, departures, and flight boarding.

4. Orlando International Airport, USA
The airport covers an area of approximately 5300 hectares. It is one of the largest airports in Florida. Florida is a popular tourist destination; the huge passenger numbers increased the need to have a large airport area to process these passengers on a daily basis. The airport serves the general population in Florida, just for domestic connections. This is why it is the busiest airport in Florida.

Most of the largest airports in the world by land coverage are found in the USA. They are also the busiest airports in the world. The size of an airport shows the number of passengers that transit through it and the number of destinations reached daily. You can also check this video for more information.

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